Digital disruption

Opportunities in Healthcare

Digital Disruption is a trendy new term. The landscape of each industry is changing and this naturally affects the supply and demand model.

But what does that mean? And what does it mean for companies? What are the opportunities for the healthcare industry?

What is digital disruption?

Take a moment to reflect on the last time you were not able to:

  • listen to your custom playlists on Spotify,
  • painlessly book a flat in central Tokyo for half the price of a hotel room on Airbnb,
  • send a 40 MO file via Wetransfer,
  • order an Uber at a ridiculous hour because your flight arrived much later than expected…

Some people could argue that the less techno-frenzy days are better than current times because we were “collectively human focused versus individualists.” But as we all know, technology has made our lives easier, more convenient, and save us each a tremendous amount of time – every day, from simple online services to more complex, personalised experiences.

Indeed Spotify, Airbnb, Wikipedia, WeTransfer, Online banking, Uber, Wikipedia, and many other personalised services have become indispensable in our daily lives. The core of their innovation was driven by using digital technologies to question industry quo vadis and challenge traditional business models. This is digital disruption.

What does it mean for companies?

Digital disruption can be scary without a strategy. With the right strategy and clear, measurable objectives, digital disruption translates into unique opportunities for those who are willing to initiate change in their industry.

This speaks directly to the healthcare industry.

Innovations are no longer futuristic (The Huffington Post, 2015), the economy is changing and new health competitors (Apple, IBM..), new markets (wearable technologies), new channels of information (third parties, professional platforms, KOL blogs) are readily available for industry peers and targets.

How can digital disruption translate into opportunities for healthcare?

“Digital disruption has only begun,”(McKinsey, 2016); there are myriad opportunities to create new valued experiences for HCPs and patients or to provide new systems that automate, are virtual, disseminate education, promote new initiatives and use technology to improve HCPs and patient lives…


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