Enriching relationships via tailored touch points

Customers today want to have active relationships with brands – in any industry. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, building trust by providing relevant information is essential. A closed-loop marketing approach can help.

HCPs seek information relevant to their practice. Faced with promotional messages, medical and disease education and a constant flux of information, HCPs seek precision and efficiency in what they are searching for. As a pharmaceutical company, we need to provide what is being sought out and we must be present online where they are seeking it.

In order to respond to HCPs needs, we need to first understand how our HCPs are behaving online, what they want, and what our role should be. By collecting real-time insights from market research and online tools, we can build personalised experiences, content, and information, adding value to an HCPs practice, and deepening the HCPs relationship with our brand – be it corporate or product.

How can closed-loop marketing help?

Closed loop marketing focuses the role of our brand in any given touchpoint or channel, online and offline. Within these channels, interactions are measured and data is analysed in order to define HCPs by geographies, specialities, activities, interests and behaviour. Understanding and leveraging these categories allows us to define specific profiles, and allows us to build accurate and appropriate solutions to match their needs.

By building a comprehensive closed-loop marketing strategy, we can map out how to engage and retain HCPs interest over time, both online and offline. We reinforce relationships and create an active presence so that HCPs can decide how, what, where and when they interact and engage with our brand.